Monday, November 08, 2004

Home is for Troubles

This most reason season at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and, indeed, since this summer, I have discovered more and more how much of a dicotomy exists in my life. Any time I am not at home, the world smiles upon me, troubles do not exist, plans all work, and surprises are always pleasant. Then the weekend comes to a close, and Monday arrives. I arise from my bad at home, and wake to a world where nothing works unless it works against me. Examples you say? Well, sure, why not?

I've been working for nigh unto a month, if not longer, on this computer for John's parents. I've sent back the motherboard for a replacement. I've replaced the power supply. I've tried shorting the connection for the power switch. Nada. Crappo. And, of course, my life has sucked away all the profit I made off that machine such to the point where I cannot afford to dip into my own funds to buy a different motherboard. Learn this lesson from me. NEVER BUY PCCHIPS. EVER.

There is some issue with the insurance on my car. Due to a miscommunication, my entire policy was cancelled when I dropped the insurance on the van I just sold. So I had a lapse. So I get that taken care of, having to sign up for a new policy at TWICE what I used to pay because of the lapse. And then I get a letter saying that I still have to surrender the tag for 30 days. What the hell. I have insurance, but they still want my tag. Which will do wonders for my job search.

Billie never came to the Ren-Fest this weekend to return my cloak and Firefly DVD's, so I can only hope that she dropped them off at her parents' house. I really want my DVD's.

Holly lives in Greensboro. An hour and a quarter of a tank of gas away from me. And I can't foresee any way I can get into Greensboro until after the end of the year. Which is a little bit of what might look like too much forward planning, but I wanted to move to Greensboro to find work and not be in Salisbury before I met Holly. I just have even more reason to want to live there.

So much crap here. None of it reaches me when I'm not here at home.

I thihnk I could make the most of it go away if I have about $5000. That'd take care of every kind of debt and standing financial obligation I have, plus give me enough to either take care of every little issue with my car or buy a different one outright. But the likelihood of me getting $5000 without obligation or the need to pay it back is nonexistent.


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