Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An Open Letter on the Election

Your guy didn't win. But it was close! You should be pleased that it was so close. And did you see the numbers? We all got out and voted in the highest voter turn out since I was born in '82, and, really, it was one of the highest voter turnouts in our nation's history!

Things look kinda down right now, given the Republican majority in most of the fedeal levels of the government right now. But keep your chin up. It's not over. You've still got a voice. Keep in touch with your representatives and senators. Support bipartisan endeavors and cooperation.

Congratulations on an electoral and popular victory this time around. Of course we can all be thankful for the swiftness of the resolution of this election. You've got a majority in Congress as well. Now, it's up to you to be responsible with your majority. Work with the Democrats. They aren't your enemies. They just have a different point of view. Also, remember that all this can change in the space of two or another four years.

Everyone else:
Good job on getting out there and voting. Even in my little state of North Carolina, and my little county, there were a lot of Libertarians on the ballot! Even if you can't vote for your party, you voted for who you thought was best. And it's not over for you guys either. It's still important to be politically active.

Kids what can't vote yet:
Don't be afraid. There aren't going to be any drafts. That's a vile, vicious rumor spread about to scare you into supporting non-Bush. No one wants a draft. A draft is bad for re-election. It's immoral and unpopular. So relax and register the MOMENT you turn 18. Have your voice heard.

What, were you guys asleep? All three of you? Every-ruttin'-body else voted, where were you?! I better not hear you complain. If you can't bother with putting your one voice out there, you've got no complaining rights. Worthless slackers.

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