Friday, February 11, 2005

Employment! Cooking! Glee!l

I have a job, have a job, have job once again! I went in for my interview today. I was there in khaki cargos and others were there in suits and ties. Suits and ties! For retail! What the heck? Didn't anyone tell them to dress for the job? If you're going in for an entry position in a retail store that has their employees in polos, nice pants and a polo is all you need. Save the suits for the accounting jobs. Anyway, as soon as my initial interview was over, the guy in charge came by, asked some questions, and told me straight up, "We're going to offer you a job. We're just not sure exactly where we can put you just yet. So I'll call you Saturday or Monday with something definite." And then as Chris and I are pulling out to do some shopping, I get a call to come in to talk to yet someone else. Seems it's the supervisor for the car audio department. He says I'm working there. So I have a job! Yay! Orientation starts next Saturday, so I have this week to goof off during, though I'll likely be painting Warhammer stuff, and maybe running some intro games for Chris and Doug. Which will be cool. So very exciting.

And I also get to cook for Holly tomorrow, which is thrilling for me. I put the chicken in my marinade of Italian dressing with aged romano cheese and white wine. And I have a feeling I won't be cooking it for at least another 24 hours, if not longer. So that chicken will be right tender and juicy and tasty. Though that does remind me. I need to get some decorative items for the dinner. But I have the rest of today and most of tomorrow. So very excited. Glee!

UPDATE: Holly, it seems, has a small gallery of some artwork on Elfwood. Never knew she drew. Seems she's not too bad at all. Go see for yourself here. Of course, I'm not biased in my praise of her art at all. No. Never. Nope. :D

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