Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Too warm! And other complaints.

It is far, far too warm for February. While 68 would normally be a fairly comfortable temperature for me, that would be because I was wearing shorts at the time. My body is set to Winter. WHERE IS MY SNOW?!?!

Also, I have a disliking of retail hiring practices. I'm a team player. I have no major beef with corporate America. I'm a Republican and a firm believer in capitalism. I'll play ball. But I go in to check up on an application I put in at Best Buy (which I had to do online, which I have ranted about before) and was brushed off. "We'll be hiring soon. If there's a position you're qualified for, we'll call you." In other words: "We let the software think for us. Because we don't have to think, I am bothered and annoyed by your face to face inquiry. Hopefully the machines will pick the malleable and cheap, and not a driven free thinker like you. All hail the Machine God!" Ok, so there was a little bit of embellishment there, but she was annoyed to have to talk to me. Maybe it was because I "interrupted" a conversation she was having with someone else because I was patiently standing there waiting for her to finish. Rah. Anyone need someone who can build computers, run a register, give excellent customer service, type 8000 wpm, perform light labor, insure inventory control and quality assurance, handle shipping and receiving, and stocking? I'm also familiar with Linux and Unix, Microsoft Office (including Excel), and I can use most fast food equipment. I've got training in managerial duties, such as taking deposits, opening and closing duties, counting down registers, working in a safe, making schedules and assignment sheets, and managing personal to insure quality service. Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Jean's opening Needles again. It's in Concord and it's yarn (yay!) but work is work and pay is pay. I could see does she want someone to work there.