Sunday, February 20, 2005

Warm fuzzies.

I am a very content man right now. A warm peaceful happiness permeates my being, in spite of the cold rain spritzing outside. Why, you ask? Short answer: My girlfriend is sick.

"What kind of sick, twisted man is happy because his girlfriend is sick, suffering through illness?"

Now, now, before we get our panties in a twist, that was the short answer. I am fulfilled when I can take care of someone, be it nurturing or protecting or providing. I am happy because I was able to make my sick girlfriend feel better with hot food and a warm, comfy me to cuddle up against while we watched "The Nightmare* Before Christmas." And I'm also happy because I got to cuddle up with my girlfriend of the soft skin and pleasantly scented hair. Which is where my nose was buried for most of the evening. So that's why I'm happy. Because I made my girl feel better, and by being there for her to cuddle up against no less. Warm fuzzies for everyone! Huzzah!

EDIT: *originally "The Nightmate Before Christmas." Bad porn title, or Fruedian slip? Or maybe I can't type sometimes. Eesh.

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