Monday, February 28, 2005

Gonna hafta tell her tonight.

Almost applicable Franz Ferdinand song lyric. So the dark clouds passed over with no ill effect. I heard exactly what I needed to hear tonight, though I don't think she knew I was hearing what I was hearing. I found the words I was looking for in the way she held me, in the way she ran her fingers through my hair, in the way she kissed me. She was happy. Happier than I had seen her in several weeks. Which, of course, made me happy. Like I told her there all nuzzled into her neck on the couch, "There's the girl I missed." I've got to work on that, though. The whole needing thing. But there's a happy middle in there somewhere, and I think we can find it. Why is it that hearing her say she's sorry means so much to me? Hear it and know she means it. Not so strange, really. A past of never hearing it for worse offenses.

So at least the important stuff has been resolved, and happily so. Now if only finances would sort themselves out. Because I don't really care about money. I like to be able to get things, give things. And I understand the concept of bills. But financial success has never been a concern of mine. I'm not philosophically opposed to money or anything. I believe in capitalism. But the pursuit of money has to be your main task in order to be really successful in the pursuit of money. There are more important things in this world. But prophecy doesn't pay the bills. Preaching might. But in order to make a living doing that, I'd have to tie myself to one place or congregation or organization. My messages aren't for the people found there, but for those not found in the churches and synagogues. But it's ok. Best Buy is a really cool job. Car Stereo is, really, the best department in our store. And improving (ya damn right it is). But the store makes more money off of Frank's 2000' TV than it does off of any CD-player, speaker, service plan, amp, or anything else. Almost combined, really. But that's ok. I will earn my pay, and then some. And then I'll earn my increased wage(s). I'm not obssessed with the pursuit of money but I understand the concept of bills and, let's face it, I like my toys. Can't give a speech for toys. Gotta use the currency of the land.

In case you were wondering, this is what I do when it's near 3AM and I can't sleep. That and read. Yay The Hobbit! Also, I'm going to try to institute a One Quote Per Entry deal. Starting with this entry, I'm going to put some geeky, or not so geeky, quote at the end of the blog. Just for fun.

your weapons, you will not need them

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