Saturday, February 05, 2005


How I loathe insomnia. Check the time stamp down there. Yeah. Almost six in the AM. I've been trying to sleep for four hours. Can't get there. It doesn't help that if I don't find more work (again) next week I'm going to find myself in some serious financial poo. I feel like I can find something, but I'd really like something that isn't going to cause me misery. I suppose that's too much to ask, though, isn't it? I seem to have used up all my luck for the year already in just having things being so great with Holly. Figures. I blame this whole mess on a pissant bureaucrat lording over his tiny scrap of power in Receiving. He doesn't like me, so he denied transferring me out of his department into third shift data entry. Why? Because he's a spiteful dumbass. I took those days off because the job in receiving was making me physically ill. Coughing fits and discolored phlegm every 15-20 minutes is a sign that you are unhealthy. And then he got on my case for sitting down. For 15 seconds. While I was waiting on people to get the heck out of the way so I could do what I was supposed to do. Which was last minute busy work anyway. Because it was 11:30PM on a Friday and the trucks were all but done. I hate people. But yeah. Employment limbo, once again. I suppose I could get a job at a Chick-fil-A here in Greensboro. I've got the experience and a good reference from my last CFA boss. But there's that whole "not miserable at the job" factor I'm looking for. That and I'd be asking for at the very least $8/hr. Because that's what I'd be making with the dollar an hour's worth of raises I got at CFA in Salisbury. All of this mess is the result of me trying to improve my credit. I had a job that made okay money, so I increase the payment amounts on my student loan from UNCC. I get new credit card, and do very well with responsible usage to try and improve the credit. Live off the card a bit, pay it off with the paychecks. A reasonanble plan, or so I thought. But no. No-no. Can't have me running about improving my finances or my lot in life. Heaven's no. So let's take that job away, shall we? Yes, that's about perfect. All because I didn't take the job seriously. God forbid someone should invent ways to make their job not suck so much. And just because I didn't take the job seriously, it doesn't mean that I didn't take the work seriously. Because that I did do. Things needed to be accurate, and I made them accurate. Maybe I can go over Milton's head. Who knows. This is something for Monday. Rah. All-nighter. Don't have an desire to pull one. Damnit, why can't I sleep?

finger in the hair, sleep away, sleep away

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