Monday, January 31, 2005

Entry the Fourth

So I am further convinced of the Right of my relationship with Holly. As you might have seen, I was lamenting about how little I get to see her, and not at all during the week. Well, I got a transfer. It seems I was being looked at as a possible data entry worker. And then I went into Gate City today to see about another job. And then boom. Transfer. Third shift. So I have evenings free! During the week! Yay! Also, some pictures!

First: I am t3h g33k! ph34r!

That's Luthien, the new laptop.

Second: Millennium Falcon, a la Lego

Third: Holly, at Computer

My wonderful, beautiful Holly. Gamer, geek, beauty.

Fourth: The Sleeper has Awakened

I am the kwisatz haderach. Found this place called Made me a custom bumper sticker.


Knot said...

oh sure, that Falcon is 1337 :D

Anonymous said...

Dude. . .

You couldn't be a bigger geek if you had a Dungeonmaster's guide in your HAND right now.