Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Okay! Okay!

I'll stop tampering in powers beyond my comprehension! I'm growing the goatee back! Sheesh! Though, to be fair, the only people that seemed to notice are those responsible for making my day suck. Seems that a goatee is the perfect disguise somehow. So it's coming back. I've had nothing but sucktastic fun since I shaved it off a few days ago.

Though today's unpleasantness inspired some much needed introspection. Seems I have a bit of naivete floating about my brain. Still, and after all these years and all I've been through. See, Holly and I had a minor tiff this morning. Very minor. And it was my fault. But there was a certain reality quotient I had been blatantly ignoring. As is my wont, of course. See, guys like me, we can't exist in the "real world." The "real world" doesn't allow for heroes and romantics; dreamers and idealists. So called "reality" doesn't have happy endings or fairy tale magic. No supernatural, no Destiny, not even cold and unfeeling Doom. How can I exist in such a world, when I am so many things not of it? Bah, it is of little import. But still I deny you, Reality. You are the lie, I live the Truth. Or something. Back on track, though, the tiff somehow brought Holly and I out of the fairy tale picture, into something slightly more real to life. A tiff! Irritability! Heavens no! The poor start of the day bent more towards melodrama. Even if the poor start was my fault. I know better, and did anyway. I'm supposed to be better than that. I'm not supposed to have human fallibility. That one mistake has killed the whole image I was trying to make. Or something. Yeah.


No more melodrama. Melodrama is for livejournal. Sorry, Holly, couldn't help the LJ crack, but you've agreed with me on that one. The prophet longs for his own bed, and misses his lover.

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