Monday, January 31, 2005

6AM and the Evil Genius

Curse this computer, prolonging my conscious hours! Not becoming more tired, nor less tired. Merely masking my sleepiness. I am likely to fall immediately unconscious as soon as I turn from this.



I have done something devilish. Only one person will know what I have done. And that only on Thursday. But I have done something devilish indeed. But in a good way. And this way I have prevented myself from giving a gift to someone else that would really be a gift for me on Single's Awareness Day. That does, howe'er mean I have to sit on stuff for a couple of weeks. If I can. I am so very bad at getting gifts early, then not being able to wait. Oh well.

Man, I've written a lot today.

Oh, and I feel much better now. Caffiene. And this devilish thing. I sleep now, to wake in a few scant hours when Doug begins watching TV. Is it April yet? I miss having a room.

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