Saturday, January 29, 2005

Grey Eyes

darkness and disaster

flames all around
destruction surrounds
a man stands
staring at the darkened earth
shield, armor, mace, cloak
all grey as the man
he looks up
sun sets in the cracks
old fallen walls
ancient relics
Age of Darkness resurrecting
his gaze remains
his eyes
drained of all color
nothing but ash
cold earth
cold skies
cold walls
he catches a scent
closes his eyes
breathes deeply
the smell of snow
he turns from the West
faces the graves
loved ones lost
he died with them
buried himself among
faces the icy wind
looks at the clouds above
no comfort comes
turns to the graves once more
remembers the failures
a past he can't forget
broken and cannot fly
he walks away
the wind flutters his cloak
a snow white feather
escapes from it's grey covering
a small white flake
floats to a rest
just below his eye
a small droplet
the last of his blue
falls from his grim face
impacts amongst the falling snow

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