Thursday, January 27, 2005

Organisational Skills

I got da skilz, yo. Er. Okay, maybe not. Instead, given my OC nature, I have decided to use my heretofore unused LiveJournal account to post any writings, prose or verse, I concoct, whilst leaving the blogger account for personal reflections. Although, I will post links here if I concoct something for mass consumption. Which I will do right now! If you go here I have for you a snippet of story. I should post the bit of that story I have in completed and coherent form at some point. Better idea! I'll delay posting this so I can post the introduction! One moment...

Or maybe I won't. Because it's not on this computer. Unless Holly has it.

Or if the copy of it that I put in my website's files still exists. Which it does.

So go here for the introduction.

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