Monday, January 10, 2005

A Better Day

My apologies, Holly, but some things I have to share.

Friday night, I'm making my way back to Sgt. Jones' Half-Way House for Wayward Workers, and I find that I have missed several phone calls while at work. Six to be exact. Those changes I mentioned? It seems she's willing to make them. Or at least try. She apologized, a rarity for me when I get hurt in a relationship. She thought she had lost me, even as a friend, forever. I didn't then, and don't really now, have the heart to tell her how close she came. But she didn't. I was waiting for her to make the next move, and she made it. She told me she loved me. On her own. She told me right then on the phone. She wanted to say it in person, but she had me listening right then, and she was afriad she'd lose the courage to say it later. She said she'd rather leap into things a little sooner than maybe she felt ready for, than lose me. So we're giving it a shot. She's made that big, scary first step. The rest is small stuff. So needless to say, I'm a pretty happy guy right now. And from what I hear, my good buddy John is having a fantastic new year with Lenore. And if anyone deserves it, he does.

Work. My goodness. I get paid $9 and hour. To count boxes. And half the time I have to wait to be able to do that. Friday was the worst so far. I did no work for the first two hours. I couldn't. I had to wait on the repack crew to start their work before I could even hope to do mine. And they didn't start until 5:30. And I got there at 3:30. I finished at 8:00. But I still had to do a lot of waiting around. After 8:00, I did someone else's work until about 10:30. Then break. Then sitting around until midnight. Because our supervisor left around 10:00. And told us to clock out at 12:00. So we did. So easy the job. And I get my first paycheck this week. Yay!

So the mess is behind. Blue skies ahead. And a beautiful girl willing to work to be with me. And Holly, I know it might sound like I'm asking a lot, and I kinda am. But I can promise it will be worth it. And as I said, I'm right here beside you through it all.

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