Saturday, January 22, 2005


So sleep evaded me this night. Before I knew it, the clock was glaring at me, screaming it's "7:16" at me, tauntingly. So after about 30 minutes of failed attempts to sleep, I finally gave up and hit the shower. And I shaved. No more goatee. Even trimmed the sideburns up. Now I appear younger; I fear the carding tonight. But on the plus side, I can see clearly my slowing tightening jaw line, and my cleft chin also has much less the fat in it, which I could not see having the facial hair.

Which leads into an interesting observation I had made some time ago. My goatee had at the very least four different colors of hair in it. The bottom of my chin was occupied by a prominent auburn, slowly fading to an ashen blonde. Just under my lip was pale, pale blonde. My mustache was golden blond with ash brown slowing growing in. All the rest of my facial hair was the same medium ash brown with hidden red undertones that the rest of my head enjoys. My face, the calico.

But no more. I am now Clean Cut Safe Nice Guy Man! Now with anti-typical Fierce Gaze! Bonus feature: Ashen Blue Eyes! Sorry, but this model is currently SOLD OUT! We are not likely to restock, as this is a one of a kind item. Sorry, prototypes cannot be duplicated.

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