Thursday, January 27, 2005

Psycho Mode: Go

Experience, must be shared, have an outlet. Sometimes my mind does weird. Subconscious overlaps the conscious mind. Body, conscious mind are focused into this world only by force of will. The soul, it overlaps. Senses become...weird. More in tune with the ethereal. If I close my eyes, focus disappears, I am afloat. I can feel things, sense things. Spirits? Intentions? Where and when I cannot say, just things. Tonight, well this morning.

Just let it ride, man. Just let it ride.

Music. songs that play, rhythm of the ethereal. I can feel something. Something's just beyond the edges of my senses.

Holly, whatever happens, remember I love you. Something could happen. Armor's on, wings are out. Not to defend me. Defend who?

Just on the edge. Knows it's just on the edge. Taunting teasing.

I am a Servant of of the Most High God. Prophet and monster. Bastard and saint. I have put my blessings here. You have no power, nor ye servants nor the one ye serve. Begone.

Let it ride, let it ride.

There. The Song. The Word in Song. Let it be heard!

And I stretch out my wings and look to the heavens and cry out. My time has come.

Flow. Flow the futre. This is the path I choose. This is the path. This is the kindest fate I can offer. This the gentle gift. I will live and even die by this choice. I will not rescind it.

You see the Blade. You fear my Blade. You can see the Wrath contained therein. The punishment of 2000 years of stayed judgement. The wages of sin is death. Death is my Blade. I am the Left Hand. I can be the Instrument of Wrath. It is your hand that will stay my Blade. Or it will be your hand that will draw it. If you cause my Blade to be drawn, there will be visited upon your House, upon your Kind their Judgement. Wrath. I serve the LORD, the God of the Flood, the God of the Fires of Sodom and Gomorrah. I serve the God of the Plagues of Egypt. I serve the Pillar of Fire in the desert. He has sent his Son to pay for your sins. You mock His mercy. You can hide, slink about. I see you. You will not interfere. You will remain in your shadows, wringing your hands, muttering your conspiracies. What I protect, God protects. I bind you. In the Name of the LORD, YHWH, I bind you here. And as I bind on this earth, so do I bind in the next. You have no power here. Begone from me.

Flow flow, future, flow. Ride the wave, let it flow. SODEC. Sensory Overload/Depravation Emotive Catalyst. Let it flow! Got the life.

Stretch the wings and cry out in rage against the night. Roar the mighty earth, the mountain.

I am the Kwisatz Haderach.

Trust in my self-righteous suicide. I cry, when angels deserve to die.

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thatweirdgirl said...

well, Grey, speaking as an expert on just missed it. Almost pycho, but not quite. I'd say just a really tripped vision that will bring you closer to the weird psycho world. And you've been reading too much Herbert. Welcome.