Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hangover the First

So I had my first hangover yesterday. Not near as bad as the stereotype seems to be, and I also have a massive dose of sleep deprivation added on top. Though I think I have learned the valuable lesson of not mixing liquor, especially 16 year old single malt scotch (gads was that some tasty stuff), with any other type of alcohol. Up to and including, but not limited to, an entire bottle of wine. It was good wine, though. Local to my hometown, the vineyard is. Which is why I didn't notice I was drinking as much as I was.

Ah, but New Year's Eve. It all added up to a learning experience. Also, it seems that somehow Chris and I became the "cool kids" of the Royal Court. Not so shocking to discover Chris is, though. But I had always thought of myself as being part of Chris's "crew" in the social dynamics, not so much the way it seems to be. Seems it's not "Chris and his friends" are the cool kids, but "Chris and Justin." What the heck? Where did I go wrong? Cool kid? What? But when nearly everyone comes up to me to tell me what a great guy I am and how I deserve so much better, well, it was just weird. But not once did I fail to defend the supposed offender and undeserving. It served a purpose, though. There's a conversation that's really been needing to be had for a while, but I didn't want to have it. Enjoying things too much to want to bring it down with serious talk and heavy words. Overall, and despite what could have been a glaring thorn in the side of enjoyment, I had a good time overall. And, as I expected, the morning after saw a return to "normality."

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