Monday, January 31, 2005

Ah, bitter melancholy.

Ah, lovely and beautiful chemical imbalance. How I had grown used to your glorious absence. And now you come back. For no reason. How you disgust me. You cause unsure thoughts, doubts, unhappy words to flow from my mind, from my mouth. And now my heart no longer yearns for the hatred needed to burn you away. I have a happiness I have not known in years. Love. Trust. Beauty. I have no need of the anger, of the hate. I defy the end you show me, the doubt you whisper into my heart. What I have now, I would risk that end. My love and my faith will see me through your clouded night. I have defied greater fates, denied greater evils than this. I was born though the defiance of this world's laws. I have lived through that which should have killed me. I am the rock. The storms can thunder and yell and scream, and still the rock remains. I am the mountain. Ths seas may throw themselves against me, and still I shall stand.

konrinzai arawasu yowami

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'The newly discovered other woman' said...

Absolutely beautiful and perfectly appropriate. Thank you for sharing that, It not only moved me, but raised me up in way I SO desparatly needed tonight. I think I might smile tomorrow.