Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Best Monday Ever

Or at least in a while. Certainly the best Monday of the year, but that's not saying a whole lot. It all started with the waking up. I spent the night with Holly, having come up early in the evening Sunday. Wait, allow me to back track a bit. So it was a three day weekend for college students, no classes Monday. Originally, Holly was going to come down, and we'd go out for a bite, have a nice evening together. But since she didn't have classes on Monday, it all worked out kinda well for me to come up, spend the night Sunday, go to work. Anyway, she woke up around 10 or so, and I wasn't ready to get up just yet so I asked her if she wouldn't mind waking me up around 1 or so. So I fall almost immediately back to sleep. Amazing how not having a mattress of your own (yet) can make Holly's rather unimpressive mattress very comfy. But 1:30-ish rolls around. I feel a sudden increase in weight on the mattress when Bam! Lips. On mine. With tongue. Wow. That's the way to be stirred from slumber right there. Have I mentioned how much I love this girl lately? So that's just the start of the day. After cleaning up and getting dressed, I inquire as to the foodstuffs of her apartment, when, out of nowhere (ok, actually, out of the kitchen, but unlooked for) her roommate Angie(spelling unsure) pipes in with "I'm making egg salad if you want some." How cool is that? Angie had just met me the day before, but was offering food. So of course I thanked her profusely and whole heartedly. She was apparently also making some cinnamon pastries of some kind which she offered up as well. Which were right tasty too. Holly's new apartment is a pretty cool little place. Hardwood floors, 60's feel. College apartments, true, but well kept. At least, theirs is. Anyway. So eventually it's off to work. One of my co-workers brought in some spaghetti with home spun recipe sauce with meatballs and italian sausage. And had enough for four. So she spread it about. It was damn good stuff. And then to Chris' after work. With crock-pot cooked beef stew! Yay! And there was enough left over for Chris and I to both take a bowl with us to work for lunch. Score! Work continues to be slow moving ease and laziness. Even the harder working positions that I would get if hired on as a regular instead of temporary aren't hard. And I'd get paid more for them anyway. The only downside is my second shift work schedule and Holly's early morning class schedule means I don't get to see her at all during the week. I see a lot of her, or at least as much of her as I can, during the weekends, but eventually I'm going to have to find a job more in the daytime hours. With daytime hours, I could work Saturdays, where I'm not going to work a Saturday at my current job. I need my evenings on weekends. They keep me reasonably sane. Work is good for one thing. I wrote some poems in some down time. Both, of course, of the romantic nature and, of course, inspired by and about Holly. I'll share one in the next post. The other, well, the second I keep for her eyes.

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