Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Woman Reclining with Book

hair soft, thick tresses
rich, brown, warm
hints of sun in highlights
my fingers glide smoothly
a handful of silk
and then again
subtle scents
clean, fresh bathed
aroma of fruits
a gentle kiss
atop the silken threads
barely nidding upward
soft responce
reading, you laugh
warm, genuine
I smile to hear it
stopping to look up at me
you smile then back
again to the book
I wonder at my fortune
to be loved as I am
fondly recall the method
the kiss you employed
to wake me from my sleep
looking down, I take you in
inhaling your vision with my eyes
your shirt, riding slightly high
soft skin exposed
slightest tones of tan
the hip, favored above all places
save one
to place my hand upon
following the gentle curve
to shadow
jeans, not quite tight
tempting space
the shadow 'tween flesh and garment
calling my fingertips
come. explore.
see where the boundaries lay.
alas, another day for that
my time is growing short
long slender legs
flowing forth from those
most perfect of buttox
would that I could spend
my day here with you
lounging lazily with my love
but for now I must go
soft kiss and parting words
I love and I'll miss you
at least, until we meet again

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