Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 17

Each day I push the resistance up on the recumbent bike a little bit more. If I remember my water bottle, I run at least 4 15 minute intervals on the bike. If I don't, I'll do 10 minute intervals to at least 60 minutes. Less time because I sweat a lot, imagine, and need more water. Break up the intervals with a few laps around the track walking/jogging.

I eat a lot of leftovers. So it's not always super healthy. But I try to either add health or minimize bad stuff. I also can't control what the 'rents bring home for supper. But that said, I love food and Darrell's is the best worst food I can get my hands on. Yum.

Breakfast: Beef taco supreme. Water.
Lunch: Rice with sliced green and red peppers, onions. Diet V8 Splash.
Dinner: Footlong hotdog with slaw, chili and tater tots. Water.

harder, better, faster, stronger

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