Monday, September 14, 2009

On Curves.

I have never been a fan of grading curves. Mostly because I was always at the top of the curve, and giving extra points to people who didn't study or bother to learn the material is repugnant. To me, at least. You don't deserve extra points just because you couldn't be bothered to learn the material. That's crap, pure and simple.

I bring this up because I got my test score back for my first test in Music Appreciation today. It was a doozy of a test, too. 93 questions, I believe. The class average? 64. My score? 98. Call me the Bane of the Grading Curve. But the professor decided to give everyone an extra 10 points. I think it's crap. But oh well. Three people walked out of the class shortly after getting their scores. I hope they don't come back. Yeesh.

I guess I'll just keep killing the curve. And having a 98+ average in all four of my classes. Win.

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