Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 18, a little late.

Not a healthy day, but I was pushing it a little harder today than usual. I've been looking at a plan call Couch-to-5K. Starting in the first full week of October, I think I'm going to jump into it. Check it out here. It seems pretty simple and, by all accounts, is pretty effective. I've just got to push the bike for the next couple of weeks until I start. Get the cardiovascular fitness up a little bit more before I start the running.

Breakfast: Hashbrowns. Water.
Lunch: BBQ, slaw, hushpuppies. Water.
Dinner: Hamburger patty, baked potato. Later(!): Cheeseburger, hot dog.

I was hungry. Gotta eat more salads, veggies in the next couple of days.

harder, better, faster, stronger

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