Thursday, March 31, 2005

Awkward, a Definition

So Holly and I went out to grab a bite, chat a little. Not a lot. Somewhat on purpose. I figured that the first time we saw each other since we parted, it was best if I kept things light. It was a little awkward, but only because there were things I wanted to say, gestures I wanted to give that I couldn't. I did, at least, get the feeling she was glad to see me in some measure and meaning or another. However, Lani's here now. Lani...has no fondness for Holly. Which sucks. Because Lani was here when she picked me up. Yeah. Hostility, yum. And Lani gives me this look when I come in. Yay. Lani is Chris' fiance. But we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. Holly and religion being the biggest. But knowing Lani, if I say something about it, things will explode and she'll cry and Chris will tear me a new one for making his wife cry. So I get to sit here and stew. And the fact that I have to sit here and listen to AIM "dling!" every time she sends and receives a message because apparently the notion of turning off the sounds is lost on her, isn't helping. Nor is the fact that my bedroom is the living room so I can't precisely go to my room for some privacy. Rah. I wish Holly felt she was welcome here. Dinner, if it can be called that, was pleasant enough. If brief. Maybe next time we'll have a little more time together. Which would be nice I think.

Self-absorbed, pretentious Jesus-Freak, indeed.

oh and i, i will survive


thatweirdgirl said...

Grey, my man, it is somewhat easier for me to let go and not get on my horse because I'm not there. Honestly? I would be Lani. I'd find it real hard to keep my peace if I were living there in the situation. Just sos you know.

thatweirdgirl said...

oh, and i'm glad it wasn't too awkward.