Monday, March 07, 2005

Call Me Detective

So I solved a crime today at work! Let me set the scene. Some guys were asking about speakers for a Honda Accord, 6 1/2" speakers. There are four speaker boxes involved. The target is an Alpine 6 1/2" Component, Speaker A, worth $250. There are three others. Speaker B is a pair of $150 Alpine 6 1/2", Speaker C is a Kenwood 6 1/2", Speaker D is an Alpine 6"x9". I was helping a customer, separated by a large room of speakers and amps. With the subwoofers going, I heard nothing either. I finish with the customer and start making my usual circuit, when I notice two managers and three other employees around one guy, tempers high, words firm. On the floor was about 6 speakers and pieces and emptied and open boxes. The guy gets arrested. I start cleaning up a bit, managers are still going back and forth. So here's what I discovered. It seems, they started off by trying to swap Speaker A and Speaker C. They left Speaker C in the Speaker A box, even though the Speaker A box was far larger. Then they grabbed Speaker B, only to find that Speaker A's foam insert won't fit in the Speaker B box. So then they swap out the speakers from A and B, but the component pieces wouldn't fit in the insert. So they grabbed Speaker D, but just as they were opening it up, it seems the guy(s) got caught. Bam!

but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need

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