Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Even in My Dreams

Nowhere am I safe, not even in my dreams. At least I got to see her, though. I wonder if I can remember the message I was trying to give her.

"See? This is precisely what I was made to do. To stride into the Heart of Chaos and provide safety, stability, hope, a Heart of Order, Love."

That's about half of it. There was more, but being dragged out of a dream and into consciousness against my will made it fuzzy. I do remember what was going on at least. It was a fantasy setting. She was her wild mage, I was my cleric. Night time battle, strange creatures, we were surrounded. And then the message. And then consciousness.


wouldn't you love to love her

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everlastinglife said...

I mean it as a compliment if I told you I don't think my blog site is too weird for you.