Saturday, March 19, 2005

Strange Days

Today was a weird one. Work was long, as usual, though I impressed the first of several bosses by selling a number of Service Plans. I'm not entirely comfortable with suggesting them, mostly because of the high rate of rejection. But I flipped the "people are stupid, rip them off" switch and did so in quick order. I sold $130 worth of plans in about under an hour, impressing the boss and allowing me to relax on it for the rest of the day. And who would have thought that my combat boots would be more comfortable than my regular brown boot/shoes? Not me. Though instead of killing my feet, both knees, and the back, it's just my right knee. A lot. And I got out of work late today, because I was in the middle of helping a customer. But that's more time for me. Not so nice right now, but it will be nice on the next paycheck. So I get home, change, and Chris and I go grab the bite before hitting Plum Krazy's. While there, Chris relates to me that Chris' application fee, and the advantage fee were being waived, as per his veteran status. And then he tells me that my application fee was being waived. Because I work at BestBuy.


I mean, wtf? That's just awesome. Have I mentioned how awesome this job is? Oh! Further fun from work: nametags. Thursday, the store manager head honcho guy stops me as I'm walking towards the break room for a drink. My first thought: What the hell did I do so fast? Turns out, he was tired of Scott, our Operations Manager, being a slacker, and he was giving me an interim nametag. Which consisted of using an old nametag for Stefani and printing out a label with my name on it to put over it. So that's a yellow nametag with this huge whie strip across the front with my name on it. Ghe toh. But when I was checking out my drink at the Loss Prevention stand at the door, I saw a pile of Brand Spanking New (TM) "platinum" (I don't make up the color, it's what the Store Manager Head Honcho Guy called it. I call it silver.) nametags. And mine is on the top! Score! Non-Ghe Toh nametag! Only I get back to Car Audio and instead of reading "Justin J/Mobile Electronics Specialist" it reads "Justin J/Computer Specialist." While I am more knowledgable in computers than car audio, I work in Car Audio. I applied for Computer sales. Oy. Oh well. I'll take it. The tag looks better, and now I look all multi-skilled.

So we're at Plum Krazy's after the Steak n' Shake, and Even/Odds is there. They're a right rockin' band. Just a really good bar venue chemistry. And they had Guiness!! OMG!! They apparently had some left over from St. Patty's Day. But hey, score us! Normally I have a Red Oak, which is a very tasty Greensboro local brew. But Guiness is Guiness, man. And then, some ladies Chris knows seem to have become concerned over my apparent lack of a good time. I was having a good time, despite appearances. If it's me and Chris, I'm just there for a beer and some good music. Tonight was no exception, given that I was tired and my knee was (and still is) quite sore. But for Golden Earring's "Radar Love" they asked me to come out on the dance floor with them and Chris. They were nice about it, so it was cool. But it's been a really long time since I was asked to dance. Not since Michelle came up to Greensboro last summer was I asked to hit the floor. This is not to say that I do not like to dance. I enjoy dancing a good deal. I just find myself lacking anyone to dance with. The few times I have been there with a girl, I have danced. Tonight all that was in me was the one, sadly.

Other than that, I am going to hell. Not immediately. Around the beginning of October. Won't be because I started something, rather that I finished it. Chris knows what I'm talking about. If you are curious, well, I'm not going to just spill the beans here for everyone to see. Feel free to ask, though.

and the wheel goes round and round


thatweirdgirl said...

Please tell me it's not what I think it is...not that thing. Perhaps my mind is just in the wrong place. Cause you wouldn't do that. Right? Not the special hell?

First of Oct...that would correspond with...wode t├Čan.

Jerod said...

You don't mean the one reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theatre do you? That would be awful.