Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rest and Boredom

So it's been a fairly boring past couple of days, these days off. Got my mail at least. My Airsoft H&K G36 came in, and it's awesome. Had dinner with Hugh and Harold Fisher, and Dr. Lloyd in Rockwell last night, which was a good time. Harold and Dr. Lloyd are dirty old curmudgeons and always amusing company, and Hugh's like family. So it's like getting together with a cousin and your two crazy old uncles for dinner at the local barbeque joint. God bless the South. Or maybe rural America. Or rural Southern America. Yeah.

Today wasn't nearly as exciting. Michelle the Morris Dancer came up last night to hang out with Chris, Doug, and me. She's pretty fun company and all, but Ham's for lunch and Firefly for dinner isn't particularly exciting. It doesn't help that she's another pretty amazing girl I can't date.

*sigh* I miss Holly. Not that I'd let anyone see that. They won't see it coming from me. Maybe if they see my eyes, know what to look for. They can see it here, and they should know, I suppose. But I have a high tolerance for pain. I don't like pain. I'm just built to take it. But I do miss her.

she moves in mysterious ways

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