Sunday, March 13, 2005

Character Divergence

So I'm taking a shower. No, not right now, though a shower proof computer would be kinda awesome. I take long showers. Showers are meditation time for me. I am at peace in the water. Pools, showers, hot tubs, rivers, oceans. Not on the water, though I'm not unfond of ships, but in the water. So I'm running my latest snippets of story through my head and I realize there's been a vast divergence in the characters in the snippets from the characters in the original concept. Jed, starting as a man with a dark past and mysterious spiritual powers became a half-elf/half-demon with a dark past and mysterious spiritual powers. There are a couple of character ideas for Fae that can't come out with the current story. Fae's supposed to be a mage with unpredictable magic. There's a scene I'm thinking of where Fae is reluctant to cast a spell in a critical moment. Her magic had been escalating in amounts and size of failures. Jed tells her to cast it anyway, combining his holy powers with her magic. True to it's unpredictable fashion, she hits a major leyline or some such and FOOOSHIFOOOOM!!! I dunno. I think I need to re-read and post the first stuff I wrote, start over. I like the confrontation with slash introduction of Drandor, brother of Jed. Drandor is one of the oldest characters I ever devised. Mage, mad, wields a spear. Of course, it was only recently that the character and Drandor were revealed to me to be the same. Fae and Kyrie's relationship might change. I like the sister angle, but I don't know if it will work with what I have in mind. Angel and Shad have both only been mentioned in name here, though Angel is the second character introduced after Jed in the order of the story as I have it in my head. Rah. Stuff.

And I really need to revist Snippet 7. It was supposed to be about the bond between Jed and Fae. It became...something else. My brain got an itch to write that scene a certain way, and it went. Editting can be done, though.

to me my board! and run over that man's unconscious body while you're at it


Static said...

Yeah. . .

Your friggin' "meditation" time makes for NO HOT WATER left for me!!!!!


John said...

I want to read more. Particularly about who and what these characters are.

Attack of the overly curious!

thatweirdgirl said...

I do that too. There's just something about being surrounded by water that lets my mind free. Ocean, lake, pool, hot tub, bath, shower...I do it too. You know what's really shiny? When you go under and open your eyes to watch the sky ripple. It's peaceful---though it has been known to freak out people that come upon a not quite floating body.