Friday, March 04, 2005

Master of Retail!

So, not having had any official training, I ran a register today. With no problems. Because I'm awesome at retail. I sold a lot of stuff, making up most of our budget for the day. Because I'm awesome at retail. My pants are all fitting and stuff with their 34" of waist band. Because I'm awesome in general. Even to be retail and dealing with people all day, I'm really liking this job. Almost as much as Games Workshop, and easily as much as Chick-fil-A. Though with time, Best Buy could easily become cooler than Games Workshop ever was. Because in 80 days, my medical/dental/vision insurance kicks in. And in about 20 days my discount kicks in. Hoooah!

i don't wanna touch you too much baby
cause makin' love to you might drive me crazy

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