Saturday, March 05, 2005

Tired, at least I was.

Yep, I was tired, really tired, right up until the point I actually tried to go to sleep. Which is how it happens every night. Can't fall asleep of my own will, heaven's no. I might could doze off while trying to do something else, but nothing for trying to go to sleep. Funny thing about those stubbornly conscious moments when I'm trying to fall asleep. I think of all those important things I meant to say, but either forgot or lost the words for. But I need to remember them. Because they need to be said. But that's just how it goes. It's always a problem right up to the point when I'm actually with her. Then it doesn't matter any more because I'm, y'know, with her. And even though I exist in parts in the past and in parts in the future, when I'm with her, all of me is focused on that single moment with her. I am a little depressed, though, at the thought of her going off for a summer internship. But that's what I get for falling in love with a theatre major. She interviewed for a couple of internships in Boone and Charlotte. Which would be, in my biased and admittedly selfish point of view, acceptable. I could take the odd three day weekend and pop in for a visit to either of those places fairly inexpensively. Even Georgia could be worked around. She mentioned one in Connecticut, though. That will be the difficulty. But let us not work ourselves into mopishness months ahead of schedule. There is all of March, April, and May before that becomes an issue. There is whispered talk of going to GARF Memorial Day weekend. Which would be most swell. And hopefully she'll be done with any of her SETC stuff by the time I get off of work on Sunday. Because after a 9 hour day starting at 8AM, I'm going to need some time with her. It's now 3:05 and I am wide awake. What the heck. Blargh. I was really looking forward to 10 hours of sleep. Looks like I'll be lucky if I get 6, given my insomnia. Gorram.

Is it April yet? Having Doug wake me up at 8 every morning so he can watch TV is getting really farging old. I understand that I'm sleeping in the living room. But still. If all he's going to do is sit around for 4 hours, couldn't he just sleep like I do? Why start your day with relaxation, then go to work? Get up, get the working out of the way, then the relaxation and fun. At least that seems reasonable and logical to me. I'm so very ready for my queen-sized waterbed in my own humungoid room.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Random rambling. Because insomnia is the most stupid of afflictions to befall mankind.

Gentlemen! Behold! I give you...lyrics!

Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear

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