Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Snippets in the LiveJournal.

I've been writing bits and pieces of a story I've titled the Chronicles of Jed. The pieces here are snippets I write as I am inspired, but the actual beginning parts of the story exist in my real journal. Sometimes I just feel better writing with pencil on paper. Anyway, I'm going to post the links here right now.


The other three are all sequential parts of one chapter/scene/act/whatever.

Snippet no. 3
Snippet no. 5
Snippet no. 6

And that's it for now.

reading I will die alone


thatweirdgirl said...

Right, so I was reading your words, like them by the way more on that later, and I thought "oh what fun! a silly little quiz thing!" And do you know what the silly little quiz thing said to me? Do you?

I got less than a 22% chance of getting in. How can that silly little quiz know me so well?

thatweirdgirl said...

Okay more on your words. I want you to know that I do like it. And I am not trying to be picky, I'm trying to a helpful critic--though you can tell me to shut it anytime you want.

The only part I had trouble following was the intro. You may want to elaborate a bit more there. I am easily confused, so perhaps I'm not the target audience. I think a clearer description of the creation, Justice, and the sword would help folks like me follow the rest of the story.

I enjoyed it. Good luck.